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Monday, June 27, 2005

big junk


I visited some old friends in Switzerland not too long ago, one of whom had just been to North Korea and told us about the same tall empty building that Harry Hutton mentions in this post. Apparently it's a bit like the World Trade Centre used to be, only there aren't actually any rich trading businesses in North Korea so nobody wants to rent the offices. I wonder if Kim the thirteenth or whatever he is called thinks this actually looks good. You would think he would make government officials move in or something. If he doesn't care if it looks good, why bother building it in the first place? I guess His Greatness thought it was a good idea then lost interest. Why bother with tall buildings anyway if you've got nukes.

It reminds me of the man in the vintage shop yesterday trying to buy an old Star Wars plastic lunch box for fifty dollars. Believe it or not, that is their actual "value" according to ebay. When human beings gain enlightenment, it will transpire that all those who bought beaten up ancient Star Wars paraphenalia, not to mention brand new Louis XV wood-laminate-look plasterboard-and-compressed-sawdust DVD display cabinets, for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, were making bum deals. For now, they are feverishly inflating their own markets in a joint ritual of of willing money-burning. South Sea bubbles still exist. They are just less obvious now that we all have so much more money.

I know, you think Star Wars lunch boxes ar beautiful and will only grow in value. Well, best of luck.

I would now reveal the Kim Jong building/ superinflated lunch box connection, but alas, it slipped my mind. Maybe you could try it yourself, as a sort of quiz? If I recall later, a suitable addendum will appear.


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous sharon ferguson said...

Not to a years time, the value of that plastic lunchbox will drop down to what its really worth on eBay, especially among those who know how to nickel and dime the whole site : 2-3 bucks.

I know this because I used to collect Star Wars. eBay is a buyers market, not a sellers market.

I have half a mind to burn most of my SW stuff and send it post haste back to Lucas with a little note saying "ha ha! No more money from me!"

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Alice said...

Of course, there's the other side of the coin, such as the 40's table I allowed my ex in-laws to chop up with a sledgehammer and replace with a home-made one. Identical one seen for quite a few hundred dollars in a Texas antique shop. Then again, shipping.

At 8:14 AM, Anonymous sharon ferguson said...

LOL true!


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