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Monday, June 27, 2005

flavours of the month

This might become a regular thing, with "month" applying to whatever time period I see fit.


chips and dips. I finally figured out why American potato crisp flavours are so dull (no cheese and onion, roast chicken, sun-dried tomato with four types of cheese and freshly picked thyme etc etc, as in the UK). It's because you're supposed to dip them in things. Having discovered this, I am now having a potato chips and French onion dip (home) and tortilla-chips and salsa (away) phase. This will be a short-term thing as proper cooking is likely to supplant it when the new house gets more organised, so please do not fear for my health or sanity.




Shiny chrome 50s bread-bin from Room Service Vintage. I would like to recommend this shop, but I can't, because you will all rush over there and buy everything and then I won't be able to, and that would be a disaster.


Beethoven's piano sonata #17 in D minor. It sounds so amazingly famous I can't believe it doesn't have a nickname like the famous other ones. Although I am often tempted to call most Beethoven piano sonatas "The Penelope Pitstop sonata" because, you know, they are quite da-na-na-na-NA!/ da-na-na-na-NA!/ pom- pom- pom- pom-/ pom- pom- pom- pom- (repeat).


This lecture series by the Chief Rabbi, which I have mentioned before, but I find absolutely grippingly interesting, as well as lots of fun.


red and white spotted fifties headscarf


The way human beings are able to ponder a difficult problem, say for several days, find ten or twenty different perspectives and insights, explore them all in effortful depth, then just stumble upon an amazing totally unpredictably original solution. Of course, I didn't create the universe and can't take credit for the existence of this phenomenon, but I do find it extremely cool.


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