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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

one burger is not like another burger


I am never going to Macdonalds again. What is the point in paying too much for terrible food stuffed with chemicals when you can pay the right amount for good food of the same kind? There is no point. Last night I had a plain beefburger that was made from beef ground up and grilled, and it tasted exactly like that, beef, ground up and grilled. Meaty and charcoaley. And it came with french fries made from actual potatoes. Some of them even had skins, proving they were made from actual potatoes. I do not smother my burger with processed cheese, and I do not wash it down with melted ice-cream/ milkshake. Nor do I generally eat pudding (dessert). Nor do I have any spare weight to lose. So the entire meal was very healthy indeed, as well as delicious.

A meat sandwich with salad and some potatoes chopped and cooked in oil is a good plain delicious low-fuss meal.


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