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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Long-time readers of this blog probably deserve to know that I no longer have legal residency (the new British term for custody) of my children.

I am sure that many of you will consider my position on this completely and even disturbingly wrong, but it is an absolute moral principle of mine that I refuse under any circumstances (other than child abuse) to enter a courtroom in order to fight over the possession of my children against their other parent. Aside from the fact that it would mean separation from my new husband, spending thousands I don't have, living back in my former home for months on end and who knows how much upset and stress for the children that doesn't bear thinking about, I just find the whole idea utterly, repulsively, wrong.

Anyone who thinks this means I do not care about my children, do not want them spending half the year (or more!) with me, am happy for them to go to school instead of homeschooling with me, or in any way tacitly condone the actions of those who have acted against me, could not be more wrong. The fact is that being able to look my children in the eye for the rest of our lives is more important to me than anything else, including how much time I spend with them while they are young, and that is my decision to make.

As well as refusing to fight in court, I also refuse to return to my former home in the UK as a condition of visitation. So I have no idea whether there will be any or not. It is shocking that other people can regard these principles of basic freedom as "neglecting the children", but they do. However, to compromise would be to support evil ideas. I cannot do it.

Being a non-residential mother, especially an unwilling one, is a kind of social tabboo. It's like being recently bereaved, or having cancer: everybody's worst fear, so they try to stay away from it. I am sure none of you will stop reading this blog just because you found out I have a lurgy, although if you think there is no higher good than fighting-for-ownership-of-your-kids-with-all-your-might, as is very much the secular cultural norm, you will obviously find my position immoral and possibly even unbearably pompous. Sorry about that and please feel free to leave.

Lastly, I can tell you that we are all fine and there is no need to worry. Nor is there any advice you can offer me. I am completely confident that, G-d willing, everything will ultimately be for the best. Truth always wins eventually, and evil always dies; it can take a while, but time is one thing I am not at all worried about, G-d willing again.

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