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Thursday, August 11, 2005

rain and vampires

We are having a very very wet summer. Texas rain is not like English rain. Mount Olympus style thunderbolts and lightning (very very... um, forget that) are the norm rather than the exception, plus the raindrops are five times bigger and more plentiful. All this is good, because it means:

1. the temperature is less hot than normal, and
2. not having to water the lawn every single day or watch it bake to a crisp.

But it is still weird, because it's supposed to be summer, when nothing but blistering heat comes out of the sky, it is not supposed to be The Monsoon Season. Also there is also one annoying thing about the high-water relatively-low-temperature weather, which is:

1. more mosquitoes.

I still cannot get over the general idea of an near-invisible insect-vampire that temporarily anaesthetises you. Intelligent design, yes, and also evil.

No, I did not really mean that. Actually they are better than wasps, I just I wish there was some simple magic way to scare them off such as garlic, staking them through the heart with cocktail sticks is becoming exhausting. You can get expensive machines, I don't know what they do, fill the air-waves with terrifyingly loud noise at mosquito-frequency or something probably, but they are expensive. Maybe they'll start doing MP3s of them eventually. I don't suppose anyone has more tips? Oh well.


At 2:44 AM, Blogger emma said...

Anti-mosquito candles? smelly though.

It's even worse than you suggest here - I am firmly convinced that mosquitos are particularly attracted to certain people more than to others. Pheremones or summat.

You can get pretty cool midge nets which cover your entire head and tuck into your shirt. Very Scottish fisherman.

At 7:15 AM, Blogger Alice said...

Got candles. I think the bee-keeper type nets hanging off hats are the last remaining option. Gonna look pretty silly wearing one of those on the bus...


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