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Sunday, August 14, 2005

the sins of the mothers

You know how, when you have your first baby, people say to you, "Ah, now you will finally appreciate what your mother had to go through when she had you!" ? Well, there are some people who have this experience, and there are some people whose experience is closer to that of the inestimable getupgrrl of Chez Miscarriage. As she does not have archives due to people stealing her writing, you will have to click that link super-fast, but here is a brief quotation for posterity:

A number of you have asked, where is my muh-thuh? Why is she not helping? The answer is, she's right here, and she's not helping because she's not helpful.

Example: last week, Gefilte had a stuffy nose. So I calmly attempted to administer some saline drops, until my muh-thuh came over and suggested that OH MY GOD WE HAVE TO GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM IMMEDIATELY - HIS NOSE IS STUFFY!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

There are certain advantages to blogging anonymously, and one of them is the ability to explain that actually thinking about your first baby and your own mother in the same equation only inspires a deep, intense terror regarding what unimaginable damage your own psyche went through in those early weeks and months when you were still a little stuffed ball of fish yourself. And in case my mother suddenly learned how to use a computer and read my blog- it's a joke. And hello, how are you?

Hopefully getupgrrl will publish her archives in a book sometime. It's a guaranteed bestseller, and if publishers aren't hounding her with large cheques right now then they are all crazy.


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