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Thursday, August 11, 2005

things I have learned #2 random stuff

1. If you want 50's vintage clothes or furniture, buy it in America. If you want anything older than that, buy it in Europe. Then bring it to America.
2. It is better to spend twice as much on chemical hair-dye than half as much on the same colour henna, unless you like massaging mud into your hair then trying to get out every grain six hours later when it has finally worked.
3. Play either the piano or the guitar. There is not much solo repertoire for the oboe when you decide not to pursue it professionally and just want entertainment in your later life.
4. Get good at cooking. Microwave food is rubbish and even the best restaurant food will be substandard once it has been delivered to your home.
5. It is better to let the mosquito drink your blood while you get a good aim than to risk letting it live.
6. Plants die and it is not your fault. They just die.
7. The same outfit worn in a different part of the world will look completely different.
8. The most expensive gadgets have the most built-in obsolescence.
9. The lesson of The Incredibles: hiding is the most dangerous thing you can do.
10. The lesson of Batman Begins: if you're going to be a target, keep moving. And learn to fly. And if you are Katie Holmes, stay single.


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