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Thursday, June 09, 2005

covering up


The Manolo, he is absolutely right. Of course most people look abominable with their jeans falling off, their bellies wobbling about all over the place and their chests popping out like half-set jello. And judging by the commenters on his post, women are more than ready for some more decent clothing trends now. And by "decent" I basically just mean "reasonable" as opposed to "utterly ludicrous".

(Note on the latest wide-belt-under-the-bare-belly trend: do not do this. It makes you look like an all-in-wrestling champion. Thank you.)

If I knew where to find factories to make them, I would set up my own Dignified Clothing company right now, starting off with swirly cooling kaftan dresses for the Texas summer. There are many advantages to covering up when the temperature is high. Lawrence of Arabia would not have got as far as he did in a pair of baggy shorts and a t-shirt, because sunburn, heatstroke and various snake and insect bites are not good things to have in the desert.)

Anyway, it seems like everybody and his favourite Spice Girl can design clothes these days without having acquired sixteen years tailoring and pattern-cutting experience first. So watch this space.

Also on the subject of apparel, some of you may not yet have seen this very useful ebay product- protective cat helmets. Of course we must all ensure the safety of our domestic animals from the threat of government-controlled mind-rays these days. And ourselves as well- I wonder if there will soon be a human protective tin hat, that could be worn discreetly underneath one's stetson or kippah? Perhaps those in the know have been building anti brain-scan technology into their headgear for centuries already. Hmm.


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