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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

native v. foreign food update


And on the subject of local authentic fare, we had the most amazing tortilla chips and salsa last night, and what is more it came free with the Mexican beers. Big huge crunchy slightly warm chips and home-made spicy tomato stuff. You are supposed to scoop up great dollops of salsa with your chips. I dipped the corners of my chips tentatively in the salsa and even then thought I was burning my mouth. Perhaps this will change.

We also played darts. They opened the whole upstairs bar specially for us. "Darts isn't so big anymore," said the landlord. The reason being that they banned smoking in the darts bar. Austin recently passed a law banning smoking in all public places (ie, privately-owned public places) although it has not come into full effect yet. There are a lot of smokers in Austin and the ban on indoor smoking is going to be bad for some people's businesses. If you don't have an outdoor seating area you could lose all your customers to somewhere else that does. There hasn't been a revolution in Ireland yet, which also recently imposed this kind of ban, but the weather there is less good. I imagine smokers would rather sit unsmoking in the warm than spend their evenings shivering outside, even if there is a beer garden.

Personally I prefer sitting outside anyway if possible, unless it's the hottest part of the day in summer. What is the point in being somewhere so sunny and spending all your time indoors? Pizza, coffee and tortilla chips are all better in the open air. They just need to fix up some al fresco dart-boards next.

Fact of the day: cilantro is Spanish for coriander leaves.


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're back..didn't realize you were in Austin. We were there last weekend, and went to the food museum..aka, Whole Foods. Hardly bought anything, too much to even think about. Next time we get there, though, I will try to taste more cheese. Usually, at Central Market, I just stock up on Stilton and take it back to Midland and binge! Try lemon juice in the salsa, doesn't change the flavor much, and dampens the heat. Katie

At 3:20 PM, Blogger flesh99 said...

To get used to salsa start with making a fresh batch at home and not that horrible stuff they serve at most Tex-Mex joints.

Jalapeno peppers

Chop up the tomatoes as small as you can with a good kitchen knife. Then do the same with the onions (about a 6:1 ratio of tomato to onion). Combine this is in a large bowl. Add cilantro to taste (I like very little personally). FOr every 2 tomatoes squeeze a whole but smallish lime into the mix. Add chopped jalapeno (fresh not pickled) to the mix. Start with about 1/2 pepper for tomato and go up from there. This stuff if great freshly made but it's even better when it's been in the icebox overnight.

Yeah I am a food geek...


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