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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The Telegraph today here and here goes into British values, a survey asking people what Britishness was about, and a new rise in positive self-identity among the Brits stemming from their refusal to be afraid of terrorism.

Fairness and fair play, the right to say what you think, politeness and tolerance, that sort of thing. Good sportsmanship, honesty and decency, calm confident moral assertiveness, standing up for what is right, King (or Queen) and country.

If only everybody over there actually enacted those values, instead of just talking about how much they like the idea of them. In my experience, it is perfectly possible for outrageously obvious wrongs to take place in the UK without anyone ever mentioning that it is "unfair". The standard response to having a great big injustice stuck in your face is to keep your mouth shut and walk away. But it's not enough just to demand that everybody else plays fair; the ball has to start rolling somewhere.

I'm talking about social conventions and the general culture here. Politics has only itself to blame.

Not convinced. Sorry.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger staghounds said...

A century ago a poll might have suggested that being British was about something other than attitudes, outlooks, and styles. Hard work, responsibility, honesty.

Now it's feelings not doings.


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