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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good morning

It is a beautiful, dull, un-sunny, cooler-than-average day here in Texas. I love the hot weather, even 100 degree heat is a treat when you've lived in the UK as long as me, and I love the rain and any slightly cooler dips as well because they are a nice change, and it means the lawn sprinkling is already done for me. After a good storm, when you go outside it can be like stepping into a sauna.

The sun is out now, so I will go and have my morning coffee in the garden. See you later.


At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Tatyana said...

If you can compare it to sauna, it's not humid enough than. 94 deg F with 90 % humidity here in NY; the only image I can produce to illustrate it is of a fish wiggling diminuendo on sand - or quantities of wet cotton balls stuck in your throat...

Good morning, Alice!

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Alice said...

Yes, NYC must be enormously more sauna-like than here. It's only really saunaish if you go out in the garden after a big storm when the temperature has shot up, and the water is all evaporating back again from the ground. Nicer than just everybody's sweat filling the air, I am sure.

I was reading in "Texas Monthly" about a soldier from Texas who is due for another tour in Iraq, and he said he can't understand why everyone in Texas complains about the heat now he's been in 140 degree weather in Kuwait. And I agree for the opposite reasons, having moved from England! Although I've rarely heard complaints, people just get indoors and put the A/C on anyway.


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