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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

home-grown terrorism

So British politicians and important people are shocked and dismayed that the London bombers hailed not from the mountains of Afghanistan, but the United Kingdom itself.

Well, obviously. Homicidal maniacs are supposed to be the product of poor, deprived, miserable countries such as "Palestine", otherwise why would they want to do something like that? Some kind of lesson to be learned here, methinks.

Luckily, some other people are being a bit more emotionally resilient. You have to look at this "We are not afraid" photo gallery. The people who photographed themselves ages ago apologising for the war in Iraq really started a handy meme there. There's always something good to be got out of something bad, if you look hard enough for it.


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Bigandmean said...

I'll always be eternally grateful to the Brits for their courage during WWII and the friendship they've shown towards us all these years. (Well, not counting the two wars we've had but that was a long time ago) God save the Queen.


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