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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Perusing the Guardian's Sunday newspaper, the Observer, I was surprised to find this in a readers' letters to the resident psychologist section.

Q We thought we had a bright spark (not a genius, but clever and curious) and then my son (now five) started school. His teacher says something is not quite right but she can't put her finger on it (poor handwriting compared to verbal skills, daydreaming, tripping and bumping into things). I have looked into conditions like dyspraxia, but am concerned about labelling children at a very early age. I'm surprised at how many other parents admit to similar concerns. Alternatives like Montessori or home educating are suddenly very attractive. Or should we just be grateful that the school is picking up on a potential learning difficulty early on? (name withheld)

A A large and rarely referred to body of evidence shows that school destroys the enjoyment of learning in the vast majority of children by the age of nine. I doubt very much there is anything wrong with your son; there is plenty wrong with the goals and methods of our education system. What is a parent to do? At the least, I would try and delay schooling until seven. If you think you would function well doing home ed, then go for it.

I wasn't expecting to find that idea in that particular place at all. I wonder how much more mainstream homeschooling is going to be in another few years' time.

Sometimes I think I should collect such articles, copy them and send them to everyone I know. Maybe a yearly folder with their Seasons Greetings card would be a good idea. But can I be bothered, though?


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