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Friday, July 15, 2005

oh, never mind

I am so fed up with procrastinating about my blogroll, the embarrassingly short list you see there on the right. Of course, there is nothing more ludicrous to blog about than the dilemmas of blogrolling, but now I know I am not the only one who obsesses about such things, because in his return to blogging Brian Micklethwait mentions the same sort of dilemma. I am very glad to see that Brian is back and also "unplugged", as it were, from the specialist disciplines (culture and education) that previously defined his writing, and newly determined to sort out my own blogrolling problem forthwith. Tonight is a good time to begin because my (was going to put an adjective here, but frankly none are good enough) husband is working all night from home, which means I will probably be up for ages too.

So, I have decided just to link everything I ever enjoy reading, whether or not I agree with everything it says, and in no particular order, because categories are just impossible to organise, and there it is. And I think I will probably be blogging more often from now on (yes yes, more ludicrous self-referential blogging about blogging, I know) because, well, I just feel that way.

Expect random variations on all sorts of themes in no particular order. And, happy Saturday.


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