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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Personal challenge

Today, I will be going round the blogosphere trying to make as many (relevant, not completely rubbish) comments on other people's blogs as I can. Then I will link the blogs here that I have commented on. Not so you can go and read my comments, although obviously any stalkers might feel inspired to do that, but as a way of recommending blogs to you. Although I cannot help suspecting that anything I recommend you will already know about. So if you find somewhere new as a result of following one of the links, please do say so, as that kind of thing is nice and encouraging.

Stacey's Shmata From Texas. What more recommendation do you need? Very good blog, too.
Jen- Bat Noach Her headscarf is cute, but she also has excellent choice in hair-colour.
Seraphic Secret Robert Avrech's tale of how he met and married Karen is great, and you should read it (look up past chapters), unless you are a bitter old cynic, in which case, good luck.

Manolo mentions Gerard Depardieu in passing, which reminds me of my latest game. Which is, to work out which film actor is the Depardieu of his country. After seeing Rodriguez's Mariachi trilogy, I decided that Antonio Banderas is the American one. Javier Bardem is the Spanish one. The basic idea is that they have to be rugged, masculine, and ugly. And good actors. Not the kind of actors that just play themselves or their own fantasies, like Tom Cruise. Speaking of ugly, also see Manolo's brilliant comparison of Donald Trump and the emperor Nero. Uncanny.

Can I just note yet again that I am NOT a far-right, gun-slinging, racist evil redneck dimwit, and despite these extraordinary facts DO regard Texas as the best place in the world and my spiritual home? Actually, I am a quietly conservative, no-gun-yet, socially 85% liberal**, non-denominationally theistic Cambridge (UK) Master of Arts. Just saying.

Ooops, forgot not to blog... more links soon.

** in the real sense of the word, not the one where "liberal" means "over-emotional Marxist".


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