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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I have been suffering for the past week or so, with the kind of persistent and recurring illness that one needs to tackle partly by removing all stressful factors from one's life and building up health in general. It's a bit annoying because a couple of months ago I managed to knock my allergies on the head, partly by research and effort and partly by miraculous intervention, and had been thinking that my health was now extremely optimum. But clearly there is more to be done before I reach total George Bush levels of fitness. (I have no words of disdain strong enough for those recent claims regarding the president's obesity- ignoring the evidence of common sense and simple eyesight in favour of ludicrous pseudo-scientific poppycock should not be the business of news stations. But then I think most of us have given up expecting the media to be sane.)

Anyway, all of the above is good, because it means if anyone asks me to do something stressful now, such as, stand on my head for eight hours or something, I will be absolutely obliged to refuse even to discuss it, for the sake of my long-term bodily wellbeing. I'm not going to stop blogging because it is a good distraction from physical discomfort. And now it is time to put mosquito-proof tent number two up in the back garden. We've been having a very rainy summer, it saves on sprinkling the lawn but I think it encourages the little nasty ones.


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