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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Interesting. Again.

More on the growing home education trend, again from the Guardian (Observer):

Parents sign up to 'flexi time' at schools
Trend to split lessons between class and home grows

'Eden is learning so much at home and I fear school might knock the enthusiasm out of her,' [Mrs Sedman, mother of Eden] added. 'There is no way she can get the one-to-one time she gets at home in any school, however good it is, and I feel strongly that it is better that she learns at the pace she wants to learn.
'On the other hand, I don't want her to lose contact with all the friends she has made at nursery, and believe that school offers valuable opportunities that I can't match at home.'
Mrs Sedman is among a small group of parents who have negotiated part-time contracts with the school and local authority, but she is one of the few willing to speak about it publicly. Others fear opening the floodgates to applications from other parents, causing their school to renege on the arrangement.


Paul Butler, inclusion and access manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, was initially cautious about Mrs Sedman's request.
'The idea was completely new to me but I realised the assumption that education either happens at school or at home is out of date, and there's no longer a one-size-fits-all approach,' he said.

More again:

Combining schooling and home education is legal due to a loophole in the Education Act 1944 that enables schools to register a pupil 'absent with leave' in periods when he or she is being educated elsewhere.

I think the word "loophole" is insulting. It sounds like common sense to me.

If schools, local authorites, parents and extended family bothered finding out what the laws actually are, there would be a lot less ignorant prejudice flying around about home education. Articles like this please me because they help, somewhat.


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